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Wareham Fire District Water Department Seeks $3.5 Million in Federal Funds

WAREHAM - The Wareham Fire District Water Department announced it met the State’s January 8th deadline to apply for $3.5 million in federal government infrastructure stimulus funds.

For Wareham Water, the projects are the new water tower proposed on Glen Charlie Road, and a new drinking water well at Maple Park.   In 2008, voters approved the first $90,000 of the estimated $1.5 million cost for the water tank.   Funding for the development and permitting of well site was approved in 2007.  To date, the District has invested $143,000 of the $2 million necessary for completing the well project.  Both projects are now at the design stage where permits for construction can be sought.

Published data varies as to the amount of funds available for public works infrastructure such as roads, bridges and water/sewer projects, but the most often quoted figure is $85 billion.  

Municipalities seeking these funds will be competing against each other.  As such, the application window set by the State was only two days, with most municipalities receiving notification via hurriedly drafted e-mails from their consultants.

“The turn around time for making this application was only 48 hours”, said Water Superintendent Michael Martin.  The rational for such a quick turn around was to have only projects that are “shovel ready” apply.  Shovel ready is a term used to indicate a project’s design has progressed to a point that the construction can begin within 180 days.  

The federal government hopes to get these funds into the economy quickly  “If the goal of the stimulus package is to fund worthwhile, ready to go projects, then Wareham stands a chance of getting some funds”, said Martin.

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