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Wareham Municipal Departments

The primary duties of the Town Administrator are the day to day administration of the general government.
The Town Clerk is the keeper of vital statistics, custodian of the town seal and all records of the town. The Town Clerk also administers the oath of office to all town officers, elected or appointed, issues licenses and permits as required by law to be issued by town clerks, supervises and manages the conduct of elections, is the clerk of Town Meeting and keeps the records and, in the absence of the town moderator, serves as temporary presiding officer.
The office of the Town Accountant is responsible for the examination of all books and accounts of all offices of the Town entrusted with receipt, custody or expenditure of Town funds. The Accountant approves all bills and payrolls before payment is made by the Treasurer.
The assessors make a fair cash valuation of all real estate and personal property subject to taxation, hear and decide requests for abatements of said taxes. The Director of Assessment is responsible to the Town Administrator and for the day to day operation of the department. He reports to the Board of Assessors on matters relating to assessment, valuation, taxation and abatement.
The Animal Control officer attends to all complaints, except as assigned to the Chief of Police, or other matters regarding dogs in town; inspects premises holding kennel licenses and issues written reports of their conditions to the boards of Selectmen and Health; maintains records of all animals that become the subject of any action; and examines any premises to be used as a proposed kennel and submits a written report to the Building Inspector stating whether or not the site is suitable.
Maintains all municipal owned buildings
Collects all Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle Excise, Boat Excise, Sewer Usage, Septage Haulers, Social Day Care and other town fees.
The Wareham Community and Economic Development Authority (CEDA) is a special act authority created under Chapter 270 of the Acts of l977 and amended by Chapter 383 of the Acts of 2004. Among the capabilities afforded by the legislation, the CEDA has all the powers of an urban renewal authority under 121B and also has authority as an economic development corporation under 121C of M.G.L. The CEDA is governed by a seven-member board, appointed by the Board of Selectmen and the Community and Economic Development board members manage, control and govern the activity carried out under CEDA. The CEDA has a full-time Director, appointed by the Board of Selectmen who has full charge and supervision of the work of CEDA and its personnel.

The Wareham Community and Economic Development Authority is funded in large part by Community Development Block Grants provided through and monitored by the Department of Housing and Community Development. Programs carried out by CEDA include a Housing Rehabilitation Program, Sign and Fa├žade Program, Transportation subsidy programs and Recreation Subsidies for Wareham's Low and Moderate Income households, a Literacy Program and after school programs. Projects completed are Planning projects for Downtown revitalization, a complete building renovation for a Head Start Program and infrastructure improvements for sewer, sidewalks and handicapped accessory improvements. Economic Development activity is related to business retention and recruitment and workforce training opportunities.
The Town of Wareham has an estimated 54 miles of coastline and extensive inland wetlands. The Conservation Commission has the responsibility of protecting Warehams coastal and inland wetland resource areas through the implementation of the MA Wetlands Protection Act, and the Town of Wareham Wetland Protective By-Law. The Commission regulates and monitors various projects and activities which may impact any wetlands or waterbodies. The Commission also investigates reported violations of illegal construction and destruction of wetlands. An ongoing goal of the Conservation Commission is to try to insure that proponents of perspective projects comply with wetlands protection regulations. The Commission will also continue to update and improve its means of protecting Warehams valuable wetland resource areas through local by-law revisions and public education.

The Conservation Commission is also involved with the preservation of Open Space and wildlife habitat. With increasing development pressure, it is clear that in order to maintain wildlife corridors and recreational Open Space, certain properties need to be preserved. The Commission has been, and will continue to be, involved with efforts aimed at permanently protecting land through direct acquisition, or through Conservation Restrictions. This means the Commission must promote coordination with various Town Officials, and other organizations that may be involved with such efforts.
Coordinate the needs of Wareham's elders with available resources and to support and promote all programs designed to assist elders in Wareham.
Wareham EMS is a municipal third service ALS 911 ambulance service. Staffed 24 hours a day by Paramedics We provide emergency ambulance service to the residents and visitors of Wareham.We also provide CPR and first aid training. Wareham is a Heart Safe Community.
-Oversees and administers the town's 54 plus miles of shoreline.
-Issues licenses & permits for shellfish, beach parking, herring, smelt & landfill.
-Assigns mooring locations and maintains records of moorings & harbor service permits.
-Responsibilities & services include enforcement of Federal, State and local laws, rules & regulations. Oversight of town shellfish beds & shellfish propagation.
The Board of Health administers and co-ordinates public Health Programs and services, enforces state and local public health regulations and sanitary codes including local regulations promulgated by the Wareham Board of Health .

Our responsibilities include subsurface sewage disposal plan review, installation and construction inspections, food establishment inspections and complaints, Chapter II housing inspections and complaints, motel and swimming pool inspections, beach water quality testing at all public and semi public beaches. We issue all construction works permits, food handlers cards and license body art establishments and body artists.

The Board of Health supervises the visiting nurses which conduct Health Clinics, Immunization Programs, Communicable Disease reporting and follow up, Blood Pressure Screenings, and works together with the Council on Aging providing services to the citizens of Wareham.

The Board of Health works with Community Development who administers the Septic Loan program where financial help is available for homeowners needing to repair a failed septic system.
To coordinate people and computers to enable the various departments of Town Government to meet their objectives in an integrated and efficient manner. The Data Processing function is to provide programming, suggest new ways to create efficiencies through computers, as well as to supply and maintain computer hardware.
Issues licenses and permits for all new building and renovations as well as electrical, plumbing and gas. The building inspectors also serve as zoning enforcement officers to enforce the Town's Bylaws.
The Wareham Free Library is a full-service library serving the informational, educational and recreational reading needs of the greater Wareham community. The library circulates books, magazines, videos, books on audiotape and CD, as well as museum passes, fishing poles and other items. Titles can be borrowed from any of the 60 libraries in the SAILS network, or patrons may order items through interlibrary loan from anywhere in the world. The Reference Department staff assists patrons of all ages with informational questions, research, and community referrals. Internet access is available to anyone who reads and signs the library's User's Agreement; those patrons under 18 years of age need parent/guardian permission to use the Internet at this time. Many community groups use the library for meetings and postings. Please visit the library and enjoy the collection and any of the many programs sponsored for children and adults.
The Municipal Maintenance Department oversees the towns' highway, tree, park cemetery, and building departments, as well as, the Wareham Water Pollution Control Facility. These duties and responsibilities include:

Highway Dept: Maintenance of all streets and roadways throughout the town of Wareham. Maintenance includes reconstruction, paving~ and drainage~ patching of potholes~ sweeping catch basin cleaning~ and grading of gravel roads. This department is also responsible for plowing and sanding in the snow and ice season.

Park Dept: Maintenance and care of Town owned parks, fields, playgrounds, and beaches and boat ramps.

Cemetery Dept: Maintenance and care town cemeteries which include: Long Neck~ Agawan1 and Centre Cemeteries. Duties also include sales of lots~ grave openings~ burials and perpetual care.

Building Dept: Maintain all won owned buildings, as well as, providing custodial services.

WPCF: Responsible for the operation of 1.6 MGD Plant and 29 Pump Stations.
The mission of the Department of Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals is to make Wareham a better place to live, work & raise a family. From the initial plans of a residential subdivision or a Comprehensive Permit to the rehabilitation of residential housing for low & moderate persons, this department strives to provide superior customer service to residents & other Town staff. As we strive to diversify our tax base to relieve the tax burden of the residential homeowner, much time and effort goes into working with our industrial & commercial sectors to ensure that they view Wareham as their home & take part in community activities that improve the quality of life for all involved.

The Planning Board & Zoning Board of Appeals are constantly attempting to amend, create & administer local laws & regulations that improve everyone's quality of life. This is not a simple task as budget constraints, antiquated state legislation & mandates play a major role in what can realistically be accomplished. We are proud of the work we accomplish in this department & the staff exhibits a dedicated work ethic to accomplish more with less.
In order for the personnel of the Wareham Police Department to fulfill our role in this community, it is necessary that the Department's Mission be clearly understood; we must also examine the relationship between the Department and the entire Town. The Police Department is but one of many departments that operate throughout our community.

The Mission of this Department is not exclusive; rather, it is directly and indirectly supported and pursued by all within the Town. Therefore cooperation among all of the departments as well as the residents of Wareham is imperative for the accomplishment of this Mission.

The Mission of the Wareham Police Department is to provide the citizens of this community with the highest quality of law enforcement, emergency services, and general assistance possible. We pledge to respect and protect the individual rights, lives, and property of all people. We will work to reduce the fear of crime, to improve the quality of life, and to faithfully enforce the laws. We will also establish a partnership with our citizens, schools, and businesses through community policing initiatives. Professionalism and integrity by each and every member of this department is of the utmost importance and will underlay all of our efforts.
Provides a range of services for military veterans who are residents of the Town of Wareham
Responsible for the operation of the Town's water pollution control facility, including various pumping stations throughout Town.
WCTV is an independent 501(c) (3) non profit corporation whose mission is to provide free facilities, media training and broadcast time on the local cable television system to the residents, non profit organizations, educational institutions and government bodies of Wareham.
Town of Wareham