CDBG Public Hearing 02/13/2018

Event Date: 
Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 7:30pm



The Wareham Board of Selectmen will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, at 7:30 P.M. in Room 320 of the Multi-Service Building, 48 Marion Road. The hearing’s purpose is to discuss a FY 2018 grant application to the Massachusetts Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, to report on the progress of current grants, to discuss possible budget and programmatic amendments to the Town’s FY 2016 and/or 2017 grants, and to discuss local community development and housing needs.

Under the proposed FY 2018 Mini-Entitlement Program grant, the following activities are being considered for funding: new or continued funding in support of public social services, continued funding for the Wareham Housing Rehabilitation Program, funding for design and/or improvements to or construction of public facilities and/or infrastructure, and funding for improvements to housing owned by the Wareham Housing Authority. The grant application may include some of these activities, as well as additional ones. Once awarded, the grant will managed by the Community and Economic Development Authority (CEDA), under the oversight of the Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator. Depending on the particular project activity, the Town, as grant recipient, may award a portion of funding to be carried out by sub-recipients.

The public hearing will also provide the public with an update on the progress of Wareham’s three recent and current MA CDBG Program grants: FYs 2015, 2016, and 2017 Mini-Entitlement Plan grants. The hearing will also review the Town’s Community Development Strategy (CDS), which includes strategies for addressing a range of community development needs.

Any person or organization so wishing will be afforded an opportunity to be heard. Suggestions for other activities to be included in the grant application may be made at the hearing or before the hearing in writing to the CEDA, in Town Hall, 54 Marion Road. The Town encourages a broad spectrum of participation by residents and other interested parties. The hearing location is accessible to persons with physical disabilities. If you require a translator, an accommodation for a hearing impairment or other accommodation, contact the CEDA no later than Wednesday, February 7, telephone 508.291.3100, ext. 3173, or via email at



Peter Teitelbaum, Chairman                                                                                                           
Board of Selectmen