Closed Projects

Projects Completed in FY19

1.Spillane Field Concession Stand: 

  • Description:  To fund the construction of new concession stand and ticket booth at the Town of Wareham’s Spillane Football field, and to replace the existing sound system
  • Approval:  Special Spring 2017 Town Meeting, Article 9
  • CPA Funding:  $55,500

2.Lukey Park:

  • Description: to fund the rehabilitation of the existing Philip E. Lukey Weweantic Playground with access points on Hathaway and Windsor Street
  • Approval:  Special Spring 2017 Town Meeting, Article 8
  • CPA Funding :  $175,000


3.Oakdale Playground:

  • Description:  To rehabilitate the Oakdale Playground located at 23 Apple Street
  • Approval:  Spring 2015 Town Meeting, Article 17
  • CPA Funding:  $45,000


4.Agawam Village Rehabilitation of Unit 51:

  • Description:  To create one additional housing unit to accommodate an eligible Wareham resident for affordable public housing
  • Approval: Fall 2014 Town Meeting, Article 25
  • CPA Funding:  $70,000