Wareham Community Electricity Aggregation Program

Wareham Sweep Information

This packet contains a few helpful items for a program sweep (when new or newly eligible accounts are sent a letter and then enrolled in the Program): text for social media and the town website and Program information for Staff (next page)

The following could be posted on social media and the Town website



Wareham Community Electricity Aggregation (CEA) is the Town's electricity supply program that brings more vetted choices to Wareham residents and businesses.


We periodically send enrollment letters to new electricity customers in town who are eligible for the program. Our most recent letter is in the mail on July 14, 2021.


If you have any questions about the letter, please email support_ma@goodenergy.com and our partner in making this program a reality, Good Energy, will respond to your inquiry.  You may also call 844-627-7232.


  • If you received the letter and WOULD like to participate in the program no action is necessary - you will be automatically enrolled.
  • If you WOULD NOT like to participate, by August 16, 2021, either return the enclosed opt out card in the included envelope, call the electricity supplier Constellation at (833) 461-0813 or complete the opt-out form on the website WarehamCEA.com.


Check WarehamCEA.com for more details and to learn about the other electricity options offered that support the development of more renewable energy resources.

Include the envelope and for the Town website, the letter in PDF, as well

Program information for staff: Wareham Community Electricity Aggregation program

  • A town-run program, which started in 2019 provides Wareham residents with electricity choices and known rates for electricity supply through December 2023.
  • Most residents and businesses already participate in Wareham CEA, and enrollment is open to anyone in town
    • Electricity customers who are currently enrolled with a third-party supplier will not receive the opt-out letter and will not be automatically enrolled. These customers can voluntarily join the program but may be subject to penalties or early termination fees from the third-party supplier if they switch to the electricity aggregation program during the term of their contract.
  • The program periodically sends enrollment letters (also called sweeps or opt out letters) to new electricity customers.
    • Customers will be automatically enrolled, unless they choose to opt out before the date on the letter.
    • The letters will have a return address in Houston, TX, the location of the program’s electricity supplier, Constellation.
  • Program details are at WarehamCEA.com

You can forward any questions or customer inquiries to Good Energy, the consultant for the program, at support_ma@goodenergy.com or 844-627-7232.

Utility Rates Effective
July 1- December 31, 2021


Wareham CEA Options (January 2021 to December 2023)

 Basic Service
(residential customers)


Wareham Default

Local Green 50%

Local Green 100%






Meets state renewable energy standards


Meets state renewable energy standards

50% in addition to state renewable energy standards

100% in addition to state renewable energy standards

Future savings cannot be guaranteed because future Basic Service rates are unknown.

Products described as Green contain additional Renewable Energy Certificates (MA Class I RECs) above that required by the Commonwealth. Local refers to generation located within or delivered to New England.

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