Lyme Disease Prevention

Ticks are everywhere today. Deer ticks (shown above) carry a bacterium, which causes an infection known as Lyme disease. In 2005, Massachusetts had the 4th highest incidence rate of Lyme disease nationwide. Here are some reminders for those who work outdoors to prevent exposure:
-Ticks cannot jump or fly. They must come in direct contact with a host. Once a tick latches onto human skin it will generally climb until it reaches a creased area such as the back of the knee, groin, navel, armpit, or ears.
-Learn to recognize a deer tick.
-Scan your clothes and skin while outdoors.
-Tuck your pant leg into your shoes and wear tight woven clothing.
-Use insect repellant containing DEET when going into overgrown areas.
-Try to avoid sitting on the ground or stonewalls when possible.
-Keep long hair tied back.
-Do a full body check for ticks at the end of the day.
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