How to Pay - Parking Program

How to Pay

We welcome visitors to the Town of Wareham and historic Onset Village. Kiosk Pay Stations are currently located in the following areas.

Shell Point parking lot, off of South Boulevard, Onset

Onset Pier

Onset Avenue, across from the Onset Pier

The corner of Onset Avenue and Union Avenue

Temple Lot, Onset, adjacent to the tennis courts

If you have a handicap plate or placard, or a Disabled Veterans plate, you do not have to pay for metered parking.

Pay Station Prices

Pay-to-Park Lots
1. Onset Pier Pay Stations $2.00 per hour
2. Shell Point Pay Station $2.00 per hour
3. Temple Lot $1.00 per hour

Pay-to-Park Street Parking
1. Onset Avenue and Union Avenue $1.00 per hour, 2-hour parking time limit

Pay Stations accept MasterCard, Visa, credit/debit cards, U.S. nickels, dimes, and quarters. Each machine is set up for the specific location that it serves and the tickets cannot be used for other lots or areas in town.

How to Use the Pay Stations

Touch any button to get started. Once the screen illuminates, follow the commands on the screen.

Paying with U.S. Coins? Be sure to have the amount ready to insert into the machine. Time is limited. The machine will cancel the transaction if coins are not consistently put into the pay station.

Paying with a credit or debit? Swipe card and begin.

For credit and debit payments, the YELLOW buttons along the bottom of the screen offer a variety of time selections. You are able to pay by the hour, purchase a few hours, or you can purchase the maximum amount of time. The pay station will allow you to reduce the number of hours prior to finalizing your transaction.

Once your selection has been made, review your selections. If you are satisfied with your selection you can proceed to process the sale by pushing the GREEN button. This confirms your transaction and a receipt will be printed.

You can void the transaction at any time by pressing the RED button. You will not be able to void the transaction if the GREEN button has already been selected.

Once your parking receipt is printed, be sure to display it on your dashboard in a visible location with the printed side up so parking enforcement officers can confirm your vehicle is legally parked.

No refunds will be issued.


All motorcycles utilizing paid parking areas are required to pay to park.

Motorcycles are permitted to share spaces as long as one motorcycle has paid for parking.

We understand that it is difficult for motorcycles to display the pay station receipts and that operators are concerned that the receipts could be stolen while the motorcycle is unattended. Please write the license plate number of the motorcycle (or motorcycles, if sharing a space) on the receipt across the printed section of the receipt and on the back of the receipt.

Place the receipt in an area on the motorcycle that is reasonably visible and so it will not blow away.

If a space is being shared and the motorcycles are found to be in violation of the parking rules and regulations, all motorcycles will be subject to parking enforcement fines.

Paid Parking Lot Rules and Regulations

Please review all parking regulations that are posted at the Paid Parking Lots prior to paying and leaving your vehicle.