Parking Ticket Appeal - Tip Sheet

Appeal Tips Sheet

Please note:  The following reasons for having violated the parking ordinance are not considered grounds for an appeal.

Short Errands or Deliveries

“I was just running in to drop something off.”
“I was only a few minutes.”
“I left my hazard lights on so I could run in and out.”

No errand or delivery, no matter how short or how important to the driver (short of a medical emergency, which can be verified) is an acceptable excuse for unlawful parking.

Didn’t See the Sign, Meter, or Pay-Station

“I didn’t see the sign, meter, or pay-station.”

Drivers are required to look for and abide by existing parking signs and pavement markings.  Saying that you did not see a posted sign preventing parking is not grounds for an appeal.

Tried to Pay with App

“App wasn’t working.”
“Used the wrong app.”

The Town of Wareham does not own or operate any parking apps.  If there is a problem, the user needs to contact the app provider via support/help.  There is signage in all public parking areas/lots, as well as labels on the pay stations indicating several different ways to pay for public parking.  

First Offense

“Please excuse the ticket as this is my first violation.”

A first-time offense is not considered grounds for having a ticket dismissed.

No Other Place to Park

“I was running late and there was no other place to park.”

It is the driver’s responsibility to locate lawful parking.  During busy times it may be difficult to find parking in the immediate vicinity of your destination, which my make it necessary for you to park further away from your intended destination.

Handicap Placards

Any expired placard, facedown, and/or covered, will be subjected to a handicap parking citation.  The owner of the placard is given the “Do’s and Don’ts with their placards from the RMV Medical Affairs.  Handicap Placards also do not give you the right to park in restricted areas (i.e. fire lanes, parking by permit only, no parking from here to corner, etc.).

Other Reasons for Denial

“I am not from the area.”
“I thought paid parking stops on Labor Day.”

Paid parking is from May 1 – October 1, 7 days a week, including holidays from 8am – 10pm.  All of this information can also be found on the Town of Wareham website and there is signage throughout town.

Beach Sticker parking is enforced all year long.

“I forgot to put the Visitor Parking Pass on the windshield.”
“I left my window down and didn’t want the visitor pass to blow away or be stolen.”

Residential Sticker parking is enforced from May 1 – October 31 from 8am – 6pm, stickers and visitor passes must be displayed.

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