Sewer Commissioners

Powers and Duties

The board of sewer commissioners shall make careful studies of the resources, possibilities and needs of the town related to the availability of sanitary sewers and for the maintenance of a sanitary sewer system. The board shall develop a comprehensive or master plan for a town-wide system of sanitary sewers, which shall include, in graphic and textual form, policies to govern the future growth and development of the entire town. The board in conjunction with other land use bodies shall assist in developing a long-range strategic plan for guiding town growth and development.

The powers and authority of the board shall include: (1) oversight of the Sewer Enterprise Fund; (2) setting rates and charges for the use of the sanitary sewer system; (3) responsibility for the appointment of the sewer superintendent established in subsection (d); and (4) providing advice to the board of selectmen relating to the intergovernmental agreements concerning sanitary sewers. The day-to-day operation, care and maintenance of the sewer department shall be under the supervision of the sewer superintendent.

Sewer Commission

James R. Giberti


Malcom R. White

Vice Chairman


Donna M. Bronk


Peter Dunlop


BoS Liaison