Solar Bylaw Study Committee

The Solar Bylaw Study Committee is charged with rewriting the Town of Wareham’s Solar Bylaws to reflect the ideals of the citizens of Wareham and protect the rights of landowners.

The Committee will have a Chair and a Clerk and any other officers it decides upon.  It will operate under the Open Meeting Law, seek public input on a regular basis and/or expert advice to help in crafting the document.

The committee will sunset/be dissolved, unless written request is made otherwise to the Board of Selectmen, after the Annual Spring Town meeting in 2022.

Voting Members

Nancy McHale


Ronald Besse

Open Space/Conservation Commission


Carl Schulz

Planning Board

Denise Wolk

Non-Partisan at Large

Non-Voting Members


Director of Planning & Development

Town Administrator or Director of Finance

Board of Selectmen Liaison