Justice of the Peace

The Town Clerk is available for this service by appointment only. Marriages are performed in the office of the Town Clerk, upon request.  Fees for  this service are mandated by the State: a maximum fee of one-hundred ($100) dollars to solemnize a marriage within the JP's home community, or a maximum of one hundred and fifty ($150) dollars if the ceremony is performed in any other municipality in the commonwealth by a Wareham Justice of the Peace.

Justices of the Peace are allowed to charge patrons for prenuptial counseling conferences, rehearsals and other special requests by the couple whose marriage is being solemnized; provided, however, that the amount of these additional charges must be disclosed in writing to the couple whose marriage is being solemnized at least forty-eight hours before the rendering of these services.  Justices of the Peace are precluded from charging additional fees for traveling, or for providing flowers, music, photographer, a location where the ceremony takes place or an unofficial certificate of marriage.