MEMA Assistance

Town of Wareham
February 21, 2015

Good morning,

We are excited that MEMA is able to provide assistance to the Town of Wareham for snow removal. The help has come in the form of New Jersey Department of Transportation workers and equipment. Yesterday afternoon they arrived with three skid steers, two loaders, four six-wheel dump trucks and seven men to operate the equipment and began working in the Onset area. Depending on weather conditions they will stay through Sunday. This assistance is greatly needed in two ways: 1) it approximately doubles our staff size to operate equipment and 2) they will provide much needed machinery.

We are very thankful to MEMA and especially to the members of the New Jersey Department of Transportation for leaving their families and homes to assist Wareham. It should be remembered that after Super Storm Sandy generous residents from the Town of Wareham donated and collected seriously needed items for New Jersey residents who were impacted by the storm. Our town members even drove down the items. It shows that such generosity and concern was not forgotten.

We appreciate the hard work by Lt. Walcek, Municipal Maintenance Director Menard and Chairman Slavin who all repeatedly reached out to MEMA for assistance.

Derek Sullivan
Town Administrator
508-291-3100 x 3110