Road Commission


Town Charter - Section 3 – 9   Board of Road Commissioners

(a)     Composition, Term of Office – There shall be a Board of Road Commissioners consisting of 7 voting members: 3 ex officio members, the Chief of Police, the Town Planner, and the Director of Public Maintenance, and 4 members appointed by the Board of Selectmen according to the merit principle, whose terms shall be 2 years each, with 2 of the appointee positions expiring each year.

(b)     Powers and Duties – The Board of Road Commissioners shall act in accordance with the powers enumerated in Chapter 40, Massachusetts General Laws, Section 22 and, as such, shall conduct a periodic review of public ways and shall make rules and orders for all traffic policies, including: speed limits, traffic control signs, regulation of heavy commercial vehicles, traffic and parking regulations, penalties and repeals.  Insofar as these rules and orders are the same as the regulations, rules and orders now in force in the Wareham Municipal Traffic Code, they shall be deemed to be a continuation thereof. The board shall, furthermore, assume the responsibility of street marking, and house numbering as determined by the revised 10-26-2009 By-Laws of the Town of Wareham, Division III, Article I.

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Board Members


Town Planner/Chairman

Director of Municipal Maintenance/ViceChairman

John A. McGonnell


June 2022

Joseph J. Cardoza


June 2021

Howard Smith


June 2022


John Walcek

Police Chief

BoS Liaison