Onset Street Parking

Parking Map

Onset Parking Regulations

The Town of Wareham wants to preserve the livability of our residential neighborhoods by discouraging non-residents from parking on residential streets for long periods.

The Onset Resident Parking Permit Program which operates from 8AM to 6PM from May 1 to October 31 allows residents who live within the residential parking zone to park their vehicle anywhere within the green or orange parking zone, provided no other parking restrictions apply.   For example, if there were a sign posted which prohibits parking from here to corner, the parking permit would not allow you to park your vehicle in such a space, nor does the residential parking permit exempt the holder from paying the required fees when parking in a kiosk paid parking area.  Vehicles are not permitted to stay in the same location in excess of 72 consecutive hours.

All vehicles must seek off-street parking during weather-related parking bans and during scheduled street cleaning.

Pay Stations (Kiosks)

Pay Stations are in operation from June 1 to September 15 and are located at the following locations:

  • Onset Pier - 8AM to 10PM    (Accepts Cash, Coin, and Credit or flowbird app on your smart device)
  • Onset Avenue Angle Parking - 8AM to 6PM (Coin and Credit)
  • Union Avenue Angle Parking - 8AM to 6PM (Coin and Credit)
  • Temple Parking Lot - 8AM to 6PM (Coin and Credit or flowbird app on your smart device)
  • Shell  Point Parking Lot - 8AM to 6PM (Coin and Credit or flowbird app on your smart device)

For the parking app go to:    https://flowbirdapp.com/

Each kiosk parking meter is set up for the specific location that it serves and cannot be used for other parking lots or areas in town.  NOTE: If you have a handicap plate or placard, or a Disabled Veterans plate, you do not have to pay for metered parking.  Abused parking priviages will be strictly enforced!  

Residential Street Parking Permit Regulations

Onset Residential Street Parking permits are issued for calendar year. All permits can be obtained at the Harbormaster Office, located at 48 Marion Road in the Multi-Service Center, open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted. No-charge Resident Guest Parking Permits only are also available at the seasonal Onset Pier Harbormaster Office.

A vehicle registration bearing the local address is required to obtain a permit. If the vehicle is not registered within the Parking Permit Zone, proof of ownership or residence must be shown in the form of a tax bill, water bill, or major utility bill (gas, electric, or cable).

If you have a handicap plate or placard or a Disabled Veterans plate, you do not have to pay for metered parking only. Permits are required for all areas that require a parking permit.

Onset Residential Parking Permit, $10.00 per resident vehicle

Onset Resident Parking Permits, Visitor Passes and Guest Passes are required to be displayed on vehicles within the green and orange residential parking zones at all times from 8am to 6pm, May 1 through October 31.

The Onset resident street parking permit covers all green, orange and blue zones on the Onset Street Parking Map

A vehicle registration is required to obtain a permit.

Proof of ownership must also be shown in the form of a tax bill, water bill, or major utility bill (gas, electric, or cable).

To obtain an Onset Resident Street Parking Permit and park vehicles within the designated residential zone you must reside within the zone shown on the map.

Onset Visitor Parking Pass, $5.00 each, Max 4 per household
Can be purchased at the beginning of the season and used throughout the time of enforcement within the residential parking zones.

The Visitor Parking Pass covers the green and orange zones only. 

You must be legally domiciled or show proof of ownership within the residential parking zone to purchase the visitors pass for the residential property.  

Proof may be shown in the form of a tax bill, water bill, lease agreement where the location in where you are legally domiciled  or major utility bill (gas, electric, or cable). 

Vacation rentees are not allowed to purchase Onset Resident Street Parking Permits or Guest Passes, it is the responsibility of the property owner to obtain the permits for the house being rented. Rentees may use the visitor passes for their vehicles and may obtain free guest passes with the written permission of the property owner

Resident Guest Parking Permit, No charge, only good for up to 24 hours
Up to 6 guest permits can be obtained by the property owner or resident of the property within the residential parking zone.

The guest permit only covers the green and orange residential parking zones.

Guest permits are dated and only active for the date marked on the permit. This requires planning on the property owners part to obtain the permit for their guests.

Rentees may obtain guest passes with written permission from the property owner.

One-day guest passes may be obtained at the seasonal Onset Pier Harbormaster Office or at the Harbormaster Office, 48 Marion Road, Wareham, 02571.

Vehicles with guest permits that are altered, duplicated or forged in any way may be subject to parking violations. Property owners are prohibited from writing on the one-day guest passes. 

Business Parking Pass, $10.00 each
Each business within the Town of Wareham Regulated Parking Zone may obtain a business parking permit for employees to utilize the General Parking and Employee Permit Areas (identified as the Blue Zone).

Spaces are limited and not guaranteed.

Permits may only be used for employees during scheduled business work hours; violators will be subject to parking enforcement and the business may be subject to the revocation of the permit. If the designated areas are not available or full, business employees will need to seek alternative parking outside of the residential zone, pay for kiosk parking or use Hynes Field free parking.

Business owners may purchase the permits or issue a letter of employment (with the business contact information) to the employee so the employee can purchase the permit

Business passes are not allowed in kiosk paid parking areas or residential areas marked in green or orange.

2019 Updates:

The Town of Wareham has updated the Kiosk Machines by eliminating the original "pay by the hour, display ticket" method and adopting a "Pay by Plate" process with "no display of the ticket" required. 

In addition to the "Pay by Plate" we will be introducing a "Pay by Plate mobile app" so you do not have to go to the kiosks to pay for parking!   

To download the flowbird parking app go to:  https://flowbirdapp.com/  or find the flowbird parking app in your app store and download it for free!


Buses and trailer parking allowed

No idling of large commercial vehicles allowed