Board of Selectmen

Mission Statement

Adopted April 28, 2003

The Wareham Board of Selectmen will try to provide the most services possible to all the citizens of the Town of Wareham, considering the most cost effective ways to deliver those services. Through example and expression of its own commitment, the Board of Selectmen will encourage and expect that all services will be delivered courteously and at a high level of commitment to the taxpayer. The Board will identify specific service areas through goal setting for customer service, finance, natural resources, housing, infrastructure, historic preservation, and economic growth and development. The services provided must enhance the quality of life for the residents of the community.

The Board of Selectmen will endeavor to secure confidence in the leadership of the community and will actively seek to develop open lines of communication with the town’s boards and committees. The Wareham Board of Selectmen will seek opportunities to work with the leadership of other communities on projects that may conserve natural and financial resources.

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Staff Contacts

Cassandra Slaney
Catherine Farrington



Tricia A. Wurts


Ronald Scott Besse


Jared S. Chadwick