Business Certificates


Business certificates are issued at the Town Clerk's office. The cost is $50.00 (cash or check only) and are valid for four (4) years.

M.G.L.A. Chapter 110, Section 5.  Based on this chapter, the owner(s) or major corporate officers must come into the Clerk's Office to apply. The form must be typed; signed and notarized. We provide this service in conjunction with the fee paid for the business certificate.

The owner(s) signing must be able to provide identification and take an oath.  Any and all businesses in Wareham should be registered.  Exceptions are conducting business under your legal name (I.e. John F. Smith, not Smith's Market). If a corporation is a d/b/a (doing business as), you must obtain a business certificate with the Clerk's Office.  Business Certificates should be obtained for any person conducting a business at an address within the borders of a particular town, i.e. the Town of Wareham cannot give one a business certificate for a business physically located in another town. Please note: If the business is a major corporation and/or the owners, trustees are located out of state, please contact the Clerk's office for special instructions on obtaining a business license to operate in the Town of Wareham.

IN-HOME OCCUPATION Any homeowner wanting to conduct business at their residential address, must first report to the Zoning Enforcement Officer, located in the Building Department, in order to ensure that they are zoned for an in-home occupation.  Anyone conducting a business in a commercial zone would need to report to the Building Department to obtain a Change of Use/Change of Occupant Form.

FYI: The Town Clerk submits copies of all business certificates, applied for and completed, to the Zoning Enforcement Officer in the Building Department to ensure compliance with the Town's Zoning regulations.  There are no refunds should one apply for a business certificate with or without the knowledge that they are in violation of said regulations, or if at any time thereafter, the Zoning Enforcement Officer orders the business owner to cease and desist operation.

BUSINESS CERTIFICATE CHANGES Should an owner discontinue a business, add or delete a partner, change a business name or location, you should come to the Clerk's Office and file the appropriate paperwork. A small fee is required.

BUSINESS TRUST M.G.L.A. Chapter 182, Section 2, requires that a copy of the written instrument or declaration of trust creating it shall be filed with the Secretary of State and the Town Clerk in order to complete the necessary procedure.

The cost is $50.00 and the certificate is valid for (4) four years.

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