School Committee

(a) Composition,Term of Office  - There shall be a school committee consisting of five members elected for three year terms, so arranged that as nearly an equal number of terms as possible shall expire each year.

(b) The school committee shall have all of the powers and duties school committees are given under general laws and such additional powers and duties as may be authorized by the charter, by  by-law or by other town meeting vote. The powers of the school committee shall include but need not be limited to the following:

 1) The school committee shall appoint a superintendent of the schools and all other officers and employees as prescribed by law. The school committee shall fix the compensation of school department employees, define their duties and make rules concerning their employment status.  The school committee has the power to discharge the superintendent.

2) The school committee shall make all reasonable rules and regulations, consistent with law, for the administration and management of the public schools of the town.

Board Members

Name Title
Geoffrey Swett Vice Chair
Joyce Bacchiocchi Secretary
Apryl Rossi Member
Kevin Brogioli Chairperson
Brennan McKiernan Member

BoS Liaison

Jared S. Chadwick

BoS Liaison