Community Events Committee

About the Wareham Community Events Committee (CEC)


The mission of the Wareham Community Events Committee (CEC), is to provide financial support for programs developed by local non-profit or town sponsored organizations which are of mutual interest to the tourists and residents of Wareham and Onset. This dedication of public funds is intended to help local sponsoring organizations start and establish an event but the long term goal is for the event to become self-sustaining. These events should be designed to promote community involvement and foster community spirit.

The Community Events Committee may place restrictions or conditions on event assistance awards, or award funds in amounts less than applied for.

If you have questions about the application process, please contact us at the address below or by emailing Linda Gay, Recording Secretary at

Committee Members

Lori C. Benson


June 2025

Linda Gay

Citizen at Large

June 2024

Jean Connaughton

Citizen at Large

June 2023

Kevin Costa


June 2024

Town Administrator

BoS Member

June 2024