Planning Board

There shall be a planning board which shall consist of five members.  The term of office of members of the planning board shall be for three years each, so arranged that the term of as nearly an equal number of members as is possible shall expire each year. The members of the planning board shall be appointed by an appointing authority consisting of the town moderator, who shall serve as chairman, the chairman of the board of selectmen and the chairman of the planning board.  The town may, by by-law, provide other conditions regarding such appointments.  All articles which are contained in the warrant for a  town meeting which relate to land use, land regulation, land development, planning, zoning, subdivision control and similar and related matters shall be referred to the planning board for its study, review and report.  The planning board shall, prior to each town meeting and at a time fixed by  by-law, report its recommendations on each article which has been referred to it, in such manner as may be determined by by-law.  The planning board shall have such other powers, duties and responsibilities as are provided by general laws, by charter, by  by-law or by other town meeting vote.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kenneth Buckland (508) 291-3100 ext: 6501
Sonia Raposo (508) 291-3100 ext. 6500
Aaron Shaheen Assistant Planner (508) 291-3100 ext:6504
Richard Swenson


Michael King

Vice Chairman


Sam Corbitt


Community Preservation

Carl Schulz


Solar Bylaw Study Committee

Michael A. Baptiste, Sr.