Demo Delay Application Notice

Historic Homes/Properties
Wareham Historical Commission  (WHC)

If the applicant has applied for a building permit for demolition and the property is 75 years of age or older:
The Wareham Historical Commission needs:

  • A copy of the application
  • Photographs of the building preferably showing the interior and exterior
  • Copy of the field card 

All required paperwork must be turned in to the Wareham Building Inspector’s Office in Wareham Town Hall, not placed in the mailroom.   Please see the Department Assistant for Inspectional Services;  54 Marion Rd., Wareham, MA  02571,Phone:  508-291-3100   Ext. 3190, Fax:  508-291-6510.

The Wareham Historical Commission meets on the first Wednesday of the month, unless a public meeting or special meeting is required.Take the application and all necessary documents to the Wareham Building Inspector’s Office by the Thursday before the first Wednesday of the month for legal posting purposes.They will notify the Wareham Historical Commission.

Wareham Historic District Commission (WHDC)
There are three Historic Districts:  Center Park, Parker Mills (area around Old Town Hall and Tremont Nail Factory) and Narrows Historic District (historic waterfront area on Main St. near Besse Park).
If they are in the Historic District and want any alterations, notify the Wareham Historic District Commission (WHDC). You will need to fill out an Application for Certification of Exterior Work(see Historic District Website on Wareham Town Website:  Boards and Committees).  Place all required paperwork in the Wareham Historic District Mailbox in Town Hall.
Bob Blair, Chairman    


Angela M. Dunham (Chair)       
Wareham Historic Commission (WHC)