Statement of Goals


The Board of Selectmen shall encourage the administration to provide enhanced levels of customer service in all departments under his/her jurisdiction. This shall include, but not be limited to, a high level of commitment to the citizens through timely and efficient service delivered in a courteous and respectful manner.


The Board of Selectmen shall promote and encourage sound fiscal management in the affairs of the town government. They shall support the Town Administrator in policies designed to increase efficiencies in administration, cost containment and reporting. They will further encourage good fiduciary policy and conservative fiscal initiatives with other Boards and functions to include the Finance Committee, Capital Planning Committee, Community Preservation Committee and all other Boards or Committees that may have oversight over financial  matters.

Natural Resources

The Board of Selectmen shall, through the upgrade and maintenance of the Water Pollution Control Facility and the continuation of sewer installations remaining on the town’s DEP-approved list of areas of concern, protect and monitor all watershed, riverways and estuaries within the town boundaries. The Board of Selectmen realizes the importance of our natural resources in the general quality of life for everyone.


The Board of Selectmen shall support a planning process to address the affordable housing needs of its residents in a way that is beneficial to the larger community, while providing quality housing that is in keeping with the style and look of a seaside, family-oriented town.

Historic Preservation

The Board of Selectmen shall support the development of an historic preservation plan for buildings, landscapes and documents, and will work with town entities to explore possible funding sources to achieve this goal.

Open Space

The Board of Selectmen shall actively promote the creation of permanent open space through partnerships with the Community Preservation Committee and private groups such as the Wareham Land Trust. We will establish an inventory of “chapter lands” to be completed by the Open Space Committee and the subsequent identification and prioritization of those parcels within the inventory that are most appropriate for acquisition of open space. We shall encourage the creation of privately held deeded open space through the use of open space/cluster developments.


The Board of Selectmen shall encourage positive economic growth that creates sustainable job opportunities, is visually pleasing and enhances the image of the town with the added benefit of working towards a diversified tax base.


The Board of Selectmen shall support the creation of electronic avenues of information dissemination so the community will have easy access to public documents. The Board shall also support the continued and upgraded use of the town website for the community to have greater interaction with the Board of Selectmen via electronic mail.