Project Proposals

Project Proposals for Fall 2019 Town Meeting:

1.Shangri-La Playground Build: 

  • CPA Category:  Recreation
  • Description:  A playground to be constructed on Town-owned land at 21 Sunset Blvd.  The playground will create a meeting space for friends and families with play areas for 2-5 and 6-12 year olds.
  • CPA Funding Request:  $220,000

2.Wareham Youth Soccer Fields at Westfield:

  • CPA Category:  Recreation
  • Description:  The Wareham Youth Soccer Club (WYSC) has obtained an agreement with the Town of Wareham to use and improve the Westfield Recreation Facility at 98 Charlotte Furnace Road to build 5 first class soccer playing fields.
  • CPA Funding Request:  $40,000

Open Projects

Closed Projects