Death Certificates

There are no restrictions regarding death certificates, it is a public record and available to anyone who makes the request.   ONLY CERTIFIED COPIES are issued by the Town Clerk’s office, regardless of intended use.

All death record copies have the True Copy Attest with the Town Seal to authenticate the record.  Original death records are sent to the Department of Public Health.

The fee is $10.00 per certified copy. 

We would have the death record if the person expired in Wareham or if the person expired in another town but listed Wareham as their place of residence.  Otherwise, you would need to check with the city or town where the person expired in order to obtain copies of the recorded document.  

We do not accept out-of-state personal checksplease send a bank check or money order made payable to the Town of Wareham. You would send that request to Town Clerk, 54 Marion Road, Wareham, MA 02571.  You would need to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope, or we would not mail it back to you.  If you need to receive the record quickly, one can over-night express the request with a second express envelope enclosed. We make every effort to get it back in the mail as soon as we receive it. 

Any questions, please call the Clerk's Office at 508-291-3140.

If one is searching for a death record and not sure where in Massachusetts the person died, you can call 1-617-740-2600.

Our office cannot change the cause of death on a record.  Such a request would have to be submitted to the attending physician or the Medical Examiner out of Boston.